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It definitely does not feel like summer outside anymore.  While you may not have fired up your furnaces or heaters yet since most of us are still transitioning into the autumn season, now is the perfect time to setup appointments for maintenance on your home improvement systems.  At Laird and Son Heating & Air Conditioning, we are a great local option for heat and cool excellence in all services such as repairs, installations, replacements, and more.

Laird and Son Heating & Air Conditioning made our business opening more than sixty years ago, and are already at the third generation of ownership.  What has made the difference above the rest of the competition in the heating and air conditioning market, is our commitment to the principal of customer satisfaction.  Over the years we have stayed strong to our beliefs and that has carried over to our longevity even during the rough years of the recession.

To bring you continuously reliable customer service, our menu of services includes items like 24-hour emergency heating/cooling service, boiler repair, furnace installation, and much more in the commercial & residential heat and cool sector.

When you choose the team at Laird & Son Heating & Air Conditioning to provide you with the very best in available options for every kind of task relating to heat and air con such as central air repair by contractors.  We even have services related to oil furnaces, installations of new tanks and automatic fuel delivery.  Our equipment is professional grade and updated, so you can be sure you aren’t left out in the cold!

Even if you don’t choose to call Laird and Son today, but are still actively searching for great local technicians, then we recommend always calling the office first and asking for documents.  There are a few things to ask for, such as proof of certification, insurance, as well as references from previous customers and business colleagues.  Make sure you are safeguarding your home against potential accidents and dangers, and always go with the professional for these jobs on HVAC.

Laird and Son Heating & Air Conditioning aims to keep on top of things, so we provide full training and certification, 100% compatible with bylaws, workplace codes and safety regulations. We also always check the backgrounds of those we interview, and hire those who are polite and respectful, so we can guarantee our presence in your home will be a pleasure for everybody in your family.

Our staff is always held accountable for their cleanliness, as well as for their commitment to hospitable customer service.  To show courtesy to your home, we always use drop sheets and plastic shoe covers.  Once we leave the job site, no one will be able to tell we were even here (aside from the new or newly fixed heating and cooling system of yours.)

Don’t hesitate to stop by the offices of Laird and Son Heating & Air Conditioning, or you can give us a call.  We are waiting to hear from you on all things regarding boilers, radiant heat, gas furnaces, full duct systems, ductless air conditioners, tankless water heaters– even combination boilers that provide hydronic heating and hot water all-in-one, and much more, as the best in Lansing Heating and Cooling.